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Harlem Wizards Wow Tully

On March 20, the Harlem Wizards showed up to wow the crowds of Tully. With a basketball game against staff, the Wizards showed off their skills and had a little fun doing it. Before the game, Big Jay and La Fiesta entertained some of the students at both the junior-senior high school and the elementary. Students were impressed with not only their basketball skills, but their height. 

Picture of Harlem Wizards
Big Jay, La Fiesta, and Noah Lennox putting on a 
show for the junior high lunch.

Picture of Big Jay from the Harlem Wizards
Students try to see how they "measure up"
to Big Jay.

Picture of Big Jay and students
Meet and greet with Big Jay.

Picture of administrators and the Harlem Wizards
Mr. Herrick, Mrs. Murphy, and Mr. Schiener with 
Big Jay and La Fiesta from the Harlem Wizards.

Picture of student playing basketball
Ivan, Tully's Rotart exchange student, getting ready
to play basketball with the Harlem Wizards.





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