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School Safety Officer Says "Never Forget"

Mr. Herrick, Tully's Safety and Security Officer, recently spoke about the tragedy that occurred on 9/11 in the junior high history classes. Mr. Herrick brought in pictures from his volunteer work at Ground Zero and Staten Island to help students visualize the emotional and physical destruction. He was working for the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department as a detective and Senior Bomb Technician at the time of the attack and volunteered his services like so many others. He explained to students that among so many emotions such as anger, compassion, and overwhelming sadness, he took away the desire to never forget. In turn, he doesn't want anyone else to either, even those too young to have been a part of that fateful day. Herrick says to never forget those who lost their lives, who will lose their lives protecting our country, and that we should be grateful for our freedom. While he did not know anyone personally that perished that day, he has met many survivors since then. While Mr. Herrick says that "he is no hero for my part in the recovery efforts," Tully appreciates and is grateful for his service then and now!




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