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A Sweet Treat for Donators

The JH Student Council conducted their annual food drive for the Tully Community putting a fun twist on it. To make the drive more interesting, a snack cake buffet hung in the balance with the JH homerooms vying for the sweet treat. Canned goods, boxed items, and toiletries were brought in each day for ten days with the numbers for each homeroom fluctuating. JH Student Council members helped collect and tally the numbers in the lobby before school began. In the end, Mrs. Bovi’s homeroom took the cake, literally, with over four hundred items donated! All together, close to 1500 items were donated, almost two times the amount from previous years! The JH students must have sweet teeth, but more importantly, they have the desire to help out their community!

collecting donationscollecting donationscollecting donations
JH Student Council gather donations each morning for the community.

tallying donationstallying donationstallying donations
JH Student Council collected and tallied donations per homeroom.