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Welcome to fourth grade, mateys,
where we arrrgh having a treasure of a year!!

2013 - 2014

Mrs. Eno,  Mrs. Fowler-Conner and Mr. Wilson 

Daily Specials Schedule
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We sure hope you're reading lots of interesting books!
(and are remembering to fill in your gems as you do so!)


Website Disclaimer:

While we have visited these sites

and find them worthwhile for students,

we want to stress that we believe kids should

be supervised while using the Internet.

Websites can quickly change, and what we determine

to be safe today might not be so tomorrow.

We hope your child has fun visiting these sites,

but please be aware of what s/he is doing online.

Thank you!

Please let Mrs. Eno know if you discover a "broken link"...
and thank you to the many of you,
including out-of-state visitors,
who have done so!

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Last updated on 3/27/2014
General Information
This amazing site offers fun practice with the core words from our spelling program! (you may need to cut and paste the URL) http://school.elps.k12.mi.us/donley/classrooms/berry/sitton_spelling_activities/4thgrade_spelling/core_word_units.htm

Links to sites that connect to, and extend, our classroom learning.
AAA Math Help By Topic (a must-visit!)
Figure This! Mathematics Challenges for Families
Math Games
Math Stories
National Geographic
Fun Brain
Scholastic for Kids
Literature Word Searches and Trivia
The Big Busy House (literature)
Electricity Energy Quest
Frankenstein's Electrical Safety
Fun Brain Grammar Games
Homework Help
The Internet Public Library
Fourth Grade Resources
4th Grade Research Help
Resources for the Essay Writer (with credit and thanks to the students at the Midwest Writing Club)
Fourth Grade Math Help
A Cool Math Dictionary
Animal Planet!
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Try Science
Math Attack!
Brain Bashers
Cool Math
Fact Monster
LEARN TO KNIT - visit this site for easy directions and free patterns!
Our language arts series, "Treasures"
Volcano Lab from Scholastic
Rocks and Minerals games, quizzes, info and MORE!! Check it out!
Understanding Friction
Exploring gravity
Newton's Laws
Moving Magical Marbles with More Momentum than Most
Junkyard Wars
How Things Work
Kinetic and Potential Energy: Movin' and Groovin'!
Amusement Park Physics
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
The Poet's Bookshelf
13 Colonies
Life in the Colonies
Early America
Colonial Schools
Answers to some of our "colonial questions"
Colonial Kids
The Colonial House
America's Story
Spelling City
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
LOTS of Rocks and Minerals activities!
Camillus Erie Canal Park
New York State for Kids
New York State's Kids' Room
Erie Canal Time Machine
Erie Canal Tour
Interactive Practice with Sitton Core Spelling Words
Catalog of English Resources (thanks for sharing this site, 6th grade California students! =) )
Snowflake Bentley - The Official Site
The Bentley Snow Crystal Collection
Video of Bentley's work
The Magic of Electricity (with thanks to Ms. Tice's students at Pinewood Elementary!)
"Electricity Connect: Materials for Students & Teachers" (with thanks and credit to Jennifer L. from The Goodwin Community Center, PA)
"History of Citizenship and Ellis Island" (with a special thank you to B from Bear Mountain School in Bellevue, Washington!)
Free Memberships to On-line Resources