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Elementary Visit from the Fire Department

Recently, two firefighters from the Tully Fire Department came to talk with our Pre-K through second grade students about fire safety.
The students got to see what type of gear the firefighters have to wear when they get called to a fire or emergency. Mr. Bibik even showed the
students what firefighters look and sound like with their oxygen masks on! TES students now know to use the back of their hand when feeling
if a door is safe to go out of and to stay low if there is a lot of smoke in a room. The Tully Fire Department taught us all some great ways to stay
safe in case a fire or emergency happens. Ways to conduct fire safety at home: Come up with a home emergency evacuation plan as a family
and practice it. (Where will you all meet once out of the house safely – neighbors, corner of street, etc.) and practice your home address and
phone numbers with your child(ren).




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