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Tully Elementary School

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Ed Kupiec
Elementary Principal
p: (315) 696-6212

Cristy Bobbett
Director of Student Support Services
p: (315) 696-6221



20 State Street, Tully NY, 13159


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COVID-19 Closure Resources for Staff and Students/Families 
Tully Elementary School COVID-19 CLOSURE INFORMATION

Wellness Day 2020 Website
Ed Kupiec
Elementary Principal
p: (315) 696-6212

Cristy Bobbett
Director of Student Support Services
p: (315) 696-6221
20 State Street
Tully NY, 13159
P: (315) 696-6213
F: (315) 696-6220

School News
6th Grade Moves Up 6th Grade Moves Up: June 16th was a big day for the sixth graders at Tully Elementary. Due to the unprecedented circumstances that have taken place in 2020 so far, this year’s sixth graders were celebrated in a virtual fashion, which was a bit different from the live ceremonies of the past. Students and families were invited to join a video meeting in which each student’s picture was displayed and their name announced by a teacher. In lieu of the traditional memories speeches that students gave on stage ... more >>
Thank You, Tully Community! Thank You, Tully Community!: What an amazing community we live in! We are so proud here at Tully CSD to see such a gathering of support in which we live! The consensus all over the world was that students of all ages had a rough year and missed out on so many events including field trips, dances, and award ceremonies; but here in our community, the support that we saw built up our children and made them feel loved. From signs and banners to colored lights at night, the Tully community rallied together to make this year memorable ... more >>
Pre-K Bubble Parade Pre-K Bubble Parade: During the last week of school via distance learning, the Pre-K Team paraded around the four corners of Tully and almost everywhere in-between to give the Pre-K students a Bubble Bye-Bye Parade. They drove to the homes of all the Pre-K Students and watched them pop bubbles as a way of saying, "Goodbye Pre-K! Hello Kindergarten!" Mrs. Hendricks, Miss Ward, Mrs. Breitzka, Mrs. Litz, and Mr. Kuty were so thrilled to see each smiling Pre-K student’s face! While this year was unlike any ... more >>
Tully Transportation Delivers Tully Transportation Delivers: With the turn of events in the spring, Tully’s transportation department took the task of delivering needed supplies and food to our students. There were many factors when deciding how to deliver but the primary focus was how to do it safely and efficiently. Protocols were set in place for food delivery, school work delivery, and later on, school work pick up. All contract drivers pitched in to help in the effort, proud of the job they do for the district. Mr. Bailey, bus dispatcher, believes ... more >>
Tully's Food Service Helps Keep Students Fulfilled Tully's Food Service Helps Keep Students Fulfilled: Tully CSD has strived to keep education and mental health a priority during unsure times, but they have also fulfilled other needs such as delivering healthy meals to students who need them. Tully’s food service team has prepared approximately 190 breakfasts and hot lunches to deliver each weekday. Mr. Kennedy, Tully’s food service manager, says his staff is phenomenal, “They all wanted to continue working and were glad to still be able to feed the students.” Some of the ... more >>

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