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Board of Education - Goals

We will continue to foster and enhance, where necessary, an open, caring and supportive atmosphere where every student is nurtured in the development of a respect and thirst for lifelong learning and personal dedication to the pursuit of excellence. We will graduate competent, compassionate individuals responsible for themselves and the world at large, who can excel at any chosen endeavor.
We will provide a challenging and innovative curriculum which develops creative thinking and problem solving while incorporating high standards and accountability. We will make use of the community and its resources as well as the abilities of our own staff to provide enhanced opportunities for learning and district development.

  1. Measurable and consistent improvement in the attainment of Mastery by all students, with the objective of improving those results compared to other districts.
  2. Measurable and consistent improvement of instruction throughout the District, by means of mentoring and professional development of teachers, effective use of APPR, high standards for hiring and tenure and collaboration across departments and grades.
  3. Measurable and consistent effort to enhance a climate among the staff, the students and their families that emphasizes academic effort, acknowledges both effort and success, and seeks to establish and maintain high academic expectations for all students, those preparing for college, and those preparing for vocations. Barriers to achieving this goal should be identified, and lowered.
  4. The District should continue to explore ways to engage and inform the community about the District. Communication about the District’s activities, its achievements and challenges are vital, and every means of such engagement and communications should be sought, evaluated and employed.

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Tully Central School District
Robert J. Hughes, Superintendent
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