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4th Grade Haudenosaunee Night a Success

A night full of fun and festivities took place at the elementary school on December 4th, conducted by the 4th grade teachers. Fourth graders researched the Haudenosaunee, who were northern New York Native Americans, and their cultures, attended a field trip to the Great Law of Peace Center in Liverpool, and then presented their findings for their friends and families on this night. Students and parents alike crowded into the hallways to look at hand-drawn pictures with QR codes attached that featured each student explaining in their own words some of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Addresses. In the art room, students showed how to make wampum, or traditional belts. In the auditorium, students themselves conducted oral storytelling such as “How Bear Lost his Tail” and “How Chipmunk got his Stripes.” The gym was full of laughter and shouting as students participated in a Haudenosaunee game called Longball. The following day, Merry Go Round Playhouse, a group of actors that bring the arts of acting to the classroom, continued the fourth graders’ understanding of the Haudenosaunee by acting out how the Haudenosaunee helped to influence Matilda Joselyn Gage and the Women’s Rights Movement. It seemed that this unit of study was enjoyed by all and the fourth graders have something to be proud of! If you missed the excitement, you can view their research, listen to their Thanksgiving Addresses, and view pictures at the Haudenosaunee Culture website that was created to feature all of their hard work.

*Main photo credit goes to Oneida Indian Nation

Students playing Longball.
Students play Longball, a Haudenosaunee game

Students weaving belts.
Parents watch as students show them how to make wampum, or traditional Haudenosaunee belts.

Students with actor.
An actor from Merry Go Round talks to students about the Haudenosaunee.





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