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Tiernan Tobin Tackles Shakespeare Competition

Sophomore Tiernan Tobin took to the Syracuse Stage, walking away with 1st place at the Shakespeare Recitation Competition last week. This puts Tobin in a group of about 50 nationally competing in New York City April 28-30. The last leg of the competition will be broken down into two parts - competitors will have to read a monologue and a sonnet. If successful, they will become a finalist and then have to read a random monolgue from any of Shakespeare's works. Because she only recently joined drama in the last year and only having read Shakespeare in class at school, she truly thought there was no way she'd place in the competition, but she surprised herself and says she's pretty excited about the upcoming competition, which will result in a fully-funded Shakespeare camp in London over the summer for the 1st place winner. Congratulations Tiernan! Tully is proud of your accomplishments and wishes you luck in the upcoming competition!




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