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Model UN Goes to NYC

Ten students in the Model UN Club recently traveled to New York City for their annual committee. Before leaving, students were given a country to represent on topics within the World Bank, World Health Organization, Committee of the European Union, and others. During the NYC committee, students attended sessions with other delegates from all over the world to discuss, find common ground, and pass a resolution to a proposed problem indicative of the specific country they were to represent. After the committee concluded and before leaving the city, they had the chance to tour the United Nations building. Many of the students thought it was interesting that delegates could wear headphones while in committee to hear a translation of the speaker if they did not know the language being spoken. Students also had some time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, and the World Trade Center and memorial. 

Picture of Model UN group
The Model UN group in NYC.

Picture of the United Nations Building in NYC
The United Nations Building in NYC




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