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Generous Donations to Athletics

Every year our Boys and Girls Lacrosse programs host large, multi- school tournaments, which brings attention to our campus. Our highly organized and well-designed tournaments are focal points for many schools for off season training and opportunities to expose athletes to college coaches who scout talent. These tournaments
not only assist with college exposure for many athletes, but also are used as fundraisers. The lacrosse booster clubs also generously disperse their fundraised dollars to other athletic and extra-curricular programs as a way of giving back to a multitude of students within the Tully community. During the 2018-19 school year, The Girls
of Summer Lacrosse Booster Club made a generous donation to the Tully Golf program by purchasing 9 new Titleist carry golf bags (pictured below). The team was very excited to receive the bags as they created a sense of pride and professionalism for the team. The Boys Lacrosse Booster Club made a donation to the Boys and Girls Basketball programs by purchasing a Shoot-A-Way Gun 10k machine (main picture). This device allows our student/athletes the opportunity to develop a consistent jump shot through massive amounts of repetition while it rebounds and passes the ball to eleven different spaces around the 3-point line arc. Our athletes are already seeing return on their time invested in shooting!!

Picture of new Tully golf bags
New Tully golf bags.




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