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Do You See What I See in the Sea?

The Kindergarten classes experienced live theater, through Merry-Go-Round Playhouse. Do You See What I See in the Sea? was performed. The actors did a fantastic job preparing the students on what they were going to experience. Each actor came into the kindergarten classrooms and encouraged the students to use their imaginations. They had them act out silly scenarios to get their imaginations going. All the students got to put on their own imaginary scuba suits and take a trip with the actors under the sea. They encountered many fun characters throughout the play. The theme of the play was how true friends are a real treasure. The Merry-Go-Round actors made the whole performance enjoyable for our students. The characters were very interactive and engaging. This was an excellent play that kept everyone (including the teachers) hooked and laughing the whole time.

Picture of the Merry Go Round Theater
The Merry Go Round Theater Presenting Do You
See What I See?




Tully Central School District
Robert J. Hughes, Superintendent
20 State Street, Tully, NY 13159

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