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JSHS Library Game Friendly

The JSHS library has joined a growing national trend of having games readily available for student use. These games are available during times that students need a break from the continuous thinking they endure during the school day, or so they think. While all games in the library are interesting and fun, they promote strategic thinking. During study hall (when students are caught up in classes), lunch, or during activity period, students can pull out a game of their choice, which include Labyrinth, Stratego, Connect 4, Staxis, Balderdash, and one of the more popular, Blokus. In addition to these games, virtual reality is availble for students, which is part of the Maker Space program. After school, students can use the VR for games or Google Earth. The JSHS students have always utilized the library with all there is to offer, but the latest additions have made it a definite hot spot. 

Picture of students playing Staxis
Students enjoy a game of Staxis in the JSHS library.




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