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7th Graders Link Their Education to the Real World

Having students make connections from their education to the real world is on every teachers' wish list, but for Ms. Derdzinski's 7th grade ELA students, it has become a reality. Her classes recently finished the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, which is about a Lost Boy named Salva Dut. The name "Lost Boy" was given to those who were orphaned in Sudan due to the Second Sudanese Civil War. They also read some chapters from Lopez Lomong's book, Running for My Life: One Lost Boy's Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games. As soon as they finished, some of her students wanted to help in some way. They also wanted to meet someone who could tell them more about the Second Sudanese Civil War. It was through the help of one of our own students, Chelsie Trafton, and her mother, that Ms. Derdzinski was introduced to Mr. Deng. Mr. Deng graciously volunteered to talk to the students about this topic. Additionally, Ms. Derdzinski and the students created a donation website through the foundation Water for Southern Sudan. Ms. Derdzinski says, "Feel free to donate and/or share the website link. No pressure, but it sure is great to see Tully students living up to the hashtag  #OtherPeopleMatter!" You can find the link below.

Tully Raising Water for Southern Sudan

Mr. Deng with a Tully sweatshirt
Mr. Deng holds up his Tully memorabilia.

Mr. Deng presenting
Mr. Deng presents on the Second Sudanese
Civil War.

Tully students and Mr. Deng
Tully students with Mr. Deng.

Tully students and Mr. Deng
Tully students with Mr. Deng.





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