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Last Day Olympics

The 7th graders had a fun-filled, Olympic-size day their last day of school. After making team banners and t-shirts, the students headed out to the track. Games included the Starburst Challenge, Rebus Puzzles, Defying Gravity, Yahtzee, Face the Cookie, Brain Busters, Sled Relay, Golf Ball Stack, Eraser Challenge, and Bottle Flip. The 8th graders got in on the action after their math final and had a Tug of War with the 7th graders. All enjoyed ice cream outside and after lunch, they enjoyed a movie in the auditorium. We hope all of our students had a memorable year at the JSHS and wish them a fun-filled summer!

Students Figure out Rebus Puzzles
Students Try to Figure out Rebus Puzzles

Students Eat Starburst Using Oven Mitts
These Starburst are Hot!

Students Pull each other on Sleds
Is This What Sleds are Used for? Where's the Snow?





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