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TES Designates Safety Patrol for 2019-2020

On September 27th, Tully Elementary School held it’s AAA Safety Patrol training for 21 volunteer 5th and 6th grade students led by Melinda Hathaway, School Social Worker, and Ray Herrick, Director of Safety and Security for the district. The AAA Safety Patrol recruits students who work well with others, considers the feelings of others, expresses friendliness, leads by example, and is respectful, responsible, and safe. Our 5th and 6th grade Safety Patrol Officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of students during arrival and dismissal times. We have three types of Safety Patrol duties: Bus Patrols, State Street Patrols, and Sidewalk Patrols. These Patrol Officers are responsible for escorting younger students on and off the bus and help to enforce the school safety rules while walking to and from the school building. Safety Patrol Officers started their duties on Monday, September 30th, after a Meet and Greet with their fellow PK-2nd grade students, who they will be assisting during arrival and dismissal times. New this year, we have a Captain Patrol Officer, currently held by Sean Mize. Sean is a returning 6th grade student who has been a good example to all Safety Patrol Officers and students. The Captain’s responsibility will be to enforce the rules of Safety Patrol, take attendance of Safety Patrol Officers, fill in for absent Patrol Officers, and report back to the Safety Patrol Supervisors. Every two months, a 6th grade student who has had good attendance while on patrol and has shown leadership qualities will be elected as Captain. Also added is the position of Lieutenant that will be filled by a 5th grade student who also shows leadership qualities, works well with others, and has good attendance on duty. The Lieutenant’s responsibility will be to fill in for the Captain or other Patrol Officers should they be absent. The position of the first Lieutenant will be filled in November. We are proud and honored to have our Safety Patrol Officers who have volunteered their time to lead by example and ensure the safety of our students! If you see one of our Safety Patrol Officers on duty, feel free to thank them for their time and effort!

6th grade Patrol Officers: Brooklynn Costello**, Garrett Hodgson, Kodiak Ledbetter, Sean Mize** (Captain), MacKenzy Oursler, Steven Pierce, Dailynn Schaal**, Jack Sofranko**, Junior Taber, Molly Verbanic
5th grade Patrol Officers: Alivia Adamo, Mary Adams, Hunter Bennett, Collin Brady, Connor Brenchley, Andie Fairchild, Shawna Gottstein, Brier Huggins, Wren Lawton, Trevor Litz, Colton Walkup

** Denotes Returning Patrol Officer




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