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Creativity Week Intertwines with Spanish Lessons

Teachers at the JSHS have been very successful at combining the Positivity Project characteristics into their daily lesson plans, and one such example is Mrs. Yonta's Spanish classes. This past week, the trait P2 focused on was "Creativity," and Mrs. Yonta's classes all tapped into their creative side while learning about a Mexican day of remembrance, Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). 7th graders colored sections of a mural and then pieced it together, 8th graders colored calaveras (ornate paper skulls), and 9th graders created calaveras de azucar (candy sugar skulls). They all studied the familial traditions of this holiday with this iconic symbol and what their projects represent in the Mexican culture. Tully enjoys seeing our students learn about, apply, and accept all character traits that the Positivity Project promotes! 

Students color a mural
7th graders color sections of a mural. 

Spanish mural
Thomas Lu and Jackson Lennox show the mural
7th graders pieced together in Spanish class.

Students color calaveras
8th grade students color calaveras.

Finished calaveras
Finished calaveras in Spanish class. 

Students making sugar skulls
9th graders making calaveras de azucar.

Sugar skulls
Sugar skulls created by 9th grade students.

Sugar skull
Bob Ross sugar skull created by a 9th grade student.

Sugar skull
Sugar skull created by a 9th grade student. 





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