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Safety Patrol Names New Captain and Lieutenant

The Tully Elementary Safety Patrol is working hard to make sure all students are safely entering and exiting their buses, even in the cold weather. Beginning December 2nd, a new captain will take over and a lieutenant has been added. Congratulations to Molly Verbanic on her hard work patrolling; she has been named Captain, and congratulations to Brier Huggins for her outstanding performance while on duty; she has been named Lieutenant. Tully thanks Captain Sean Mize for his outstanding leadership ability during the months of October and November.  Sean was friendly but firm to students and his fellow officers and exhibited all the qualities of a successful Safety Patrol Captain!

New Safety Patrol Captain
Molly Verbanic has been named the newest Safety
Patrol Captain.

Newest Safety Patrol Lieutenant
Brier Huggins has been named the newest Safety
Patrol Lieutenant.

Last Safety Patrol Captain
Thank you to Sean Mize for being a responsible 
Safety Patrol Captain!





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