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Baking with the SH International Club

The Senior High International Club held their annual apple tart fundraiser recently, which had them making 60 pre-ordered French apple tarts from scratch. The students did all the work including peeling and chopping the apples, combining the ingredients, and baking the tarts to perfection. Nothing went to waste as the apple peels were taken to nearby animals for a treat. Ms. Altmann's mom, Grandma Altmann, also came in to work with the students, and we're sure, to share some wonderful baking tips! The Senior High International Club would like to thank all who supported this year's endeavor and ordered!

Students making tarts
SH International Club students are enjoying making
tarts for their annual fundraiser.

Peeling apples
Grandma Altmann showing Connor Jackson how 
to peel apples safely.

Students holding apple peels
Owen Lantiegne worked hard to get the longest 
apple peel. 

Student making tart crust
Robyn Drzewicki was the master at making crusts.

Student holding apple tart
Anna Moss holding the first completed apple tart.

Club photo
SH International Club having a good time making
apple tarts.

Apple peels for animals
Taking out the feed nearby animals a 





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