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Stories in a Flash!

This fall, fourth graders were given the challenging task of writing flash fiction! Students needed to create an entire plot in less than 100 words. These tiny stories were called Spooky Sagas. Students’ pieces were entered into an online contest offered by an organization called Young Writers. Unfortunately, prize winners will not be announced until April, 2020, but in the meantime, we decided to do a local contest where students were able to vote for their favorite story. Below, you will find the top three favorite pieces of flash fiction, written by our very own fourth graders here at Tully Elementary!
By: Allison Marinich
I knew it was a bad idea to go to the pet store during the month of Halloween. As I stepped in the pet store, I got goosebumps. I thought I should go visit the guinea pigs - that calms me down most of the time! I grinned. Then I heard a noise...GURRRR! My goosebumps came back. I started stepping slowly toward the noise. Faster and faster my feet went. I was there when l finally saw it. I could not speak. I wanted to scream! It was…the cutest puppy I had ever glimpsed! That is the day I found Lily!
"Watching Me"
By: Lennon Shaw
I’ve been scared ever since that night. I woke up and silently walked into the kitchen. I was feeling like something was watching me, but I didn’t know what. I got so scared! I ran back to my room, but was too scared to stay there. Running to my parents' bed, I say, “I am so scared!” 
“Go back to bed,” they say. 
I ran back to my room and leaped for my bed, pulling the covers over my head. I know something is watching me. I can feel it. Ever since that night, I felt like something is watching me.
"The Growl!!"
By: Jason Hodge
GROWL!! I open my eyes to see on my clock it's 6:00 a.m. and look around to see where the sound is coming from. I try to get out, but my door is jammed. So I scream as loud as I can. My parents can't hear me. So I keep looking because I want to go to sleep. I look in my closet; I find nothing except drool! I finally hear where the sound is coming from so I tiptoe, and the floor creaks. I get onto my bed. I go to look under. Bark! Oh, it’s just my dog.

Kid authors
Top 3 Spooky Saga Authors: Jason Hodge, Allison
Marinich, and Lennon Shaw.





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