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Holiday Cheer at the JSHS

The week leading up to Holiday Break was an eventful one for the JSHS students and staff. In addition to normal routine, students participated in holiday cheer with a spirit week featuring holiday socks, hats, and pajamas, a red versus green war, and ugly sweaters. During lunches, students could participate in a candy count with the winner earning the jar of sweet treats. At the end of the week, the halls smelled of holiday goodies when the staff and administration delivered cookies and hot cocoa to the students during 3rd period. Yum! And at the end of the day, students and staff got to enjoy a holiday pep rally hosted by the High School Student Council and President Ian Byrne. There, many games were played such as a reindeer toss, a winter version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, an ugly sweater contest, a scooter race, a bouncy ball race, and a wrapping paper race. Santa (Mr. Herrick) also made an appearance to add to the fun. Students left the campus with a spring in their step and songs in the air as they went on Holiday Break. Tully wishes each and every student and family a wonderful holiday season!

Staff in their ugly sweaters
JSHS staff in their ugly sweaters. 

Black Knight Mascot
Chelsea Phillips as the Black Knight at the 
holiday pep rally. 

Santa at the high school
Santa, aka Mr. Herrick, was a fun addition to the
holiday festivities at the JSHS.

Mr. Donald getting the crowd on their feet
It wouldn't be a pep rally without Mr. Donald 
getting the crowd to cheer!

reindeer toss
Students participated in a reindeer toss.

reindeer toss
Tossing rings to their partners during the reindeer

reindeer toss winners
Reindeer toss winners: Alexa Shay and Michael Reid.

pin the tail on the donkey game
No peaking!

pin the tail on the donkey game
Trying to find what's in front of you...

Ian Byrne and Chelsea Phillips judging who got
the closest in the winter version of Pin the Tail
on the Donkey.

ugly sweater contest
The students got to choose who won the ugly 
sweater contest. 

Student with the ugliest sweater
And the winner is...Zeke Hendricks for the 
ugliest sweater!

scooter contest
Students participate in a scooter contest.

scooter race
On your mark, get ready...

scooter race
Lining up for the scooter race.

scooter race winners
The winners of the scooter race are...Erin O'Mara
and Mary Babbage!

bouncy ball race
Lining up for the bouncy ball race.

bouncy ball race
Trying not to drop those bouncy balls!

winner of the bouncy ball race
Lindsey Hamelinck proves to have the steadiest
hands for the bouncy ball race!

gift wrapping each other
Getting ready to wrap!

wrapping contest
There's only so much paper to go around...

wrapping contest
Trying to wrap each other up in holiday cheer!

wrapping contest
This isn't as easy as it looks...

wrapping contest
Wearing gloves to wrap is harder than you think!

The wrapping paper contest winners are...Ashlynn
Craig and Iris Bassett!

holiday pep rally
Santa, the Black Knight, and Mr. Donald at the 
Holiday Pep Rally.

ugly sweaters
Ugly sweaters in Mrs. Bovi's classroom. 

ugly sweaters
Lots of holiday cheer here!

ugly sweaters
Ugly sweaters everywhere!