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Art Students Have the "Keys" to Success

Tully students in the JSHS art department recently submitted all forms of art media to the Scholastic Art Competition. These talented, young artists brought back seven Key awards and several Honorable Mentions out of over 4600 pieces of judged works. All of these award-winning works will be available for public viewing at the Scholastic Art Show on the OCC campus from Wednesday, January 22 through Friday, February 28. Below is the list of works you can expect to see while there.
  • Tiernan Tobin's "Julian" (Drawing and Illustration - Gold Key)
  • Elizabeth Caron's "Golden Girl" and "Shadows" (Photography - Silver Key, Photography - Silver Key)
  • Kendall Chambers's "anatomy" and "sunflower" (Drawing and Illustration - Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration - Honorable Mention)
  • Amelia Jaworski's "i" (Photography - Silver Key)
  • Natalie Slazik's "Ally" and "Coping" (Drawing and Illustration - Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration - Silver Key)
  • Emma Bielecki's "Bubble" and "Gate" (Photography - Honorable Mention, Photography - Honorable Mention)
  • Will Chaney's "The Joker" (Mixed Media - Honorable Mention)
  • Kayla Hanson's "ice" (Photography - Honorable Mention)
  • Allison Kolodziejczyk's "Poppy" (Photography - Honorable Mention)
  • Tessa Mucha's "Self Portrait" (Mixed Media - Honorable Mention)
  • Shannon Pierce's "Husky" (Drawing and Illustration - Honorable Mention)
  • Jack Vanbeveren's "The Clown" (Mixed Media - Honorable Mention)

Thank you to all art students who participated, sharing their talent with others, and those who found the “keys” to success!