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A Wild Time: Madagascar, Jr.

Madagascar, Jr. was a complete success! There were 31 students in the cast and 9 in the crew, and they did an excellent job performing and working back stage! The students performed the show first for the elementary students on Friday afternoon as their final dress rehearsal, and then twice more for the community. Attendance was great on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and it was easy to see that the audiences were wildly entertained! Special thanks go to Mrs. Kristine Wilson, Mrs. Leigh Ann Moss, and Mrs. Sue Biggar for directing and producing this wonderful show!

Animals in Madagascar, Jr
A few of the animals in Madagascar, Jr: Bryce Keller 
(Zebra), Vanessa Altman (Lion), and Elise Spencer

Animals in Madagascar, Jr
Lemurs and King Julien (Lincoln Tranquill) take
the stage in Madagascar, Jr. 





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