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Shark Tank Tully Style

Every year in Mr. Paccia’s 7th grade Tech class, students participate in the "Invention Convention," which requires them to solve a problem in their lives with an invention idea, conduct a patent search to make sure it doesn't already exists, do a write up on what it is and what it does, draw a plan on AutoCAD, and build a model that represents it. This year, Mr. Paccia expanded this project and required students to pitch their ideas to three independent investors with hope to secure financial support to start their company, aka Shark Tank: Tully Style. Three teachers/administrators sat in on the presentations conducted over a three day period during class time with monopoly money to invest in the students’ inventions. Students did not disappoint and there were a wide array of inventions including an all-in-one triathlon shoe, a see-through car visor, and a pet brush. Students were asked tough questions by the sharks including percentage rates and foreseeable company growth. Under pressure, the students did quite well and many got the investment they were seeking.

Teachers aka sharks
Mrs. Rossman, Mrs. Sterritt, and Mrs. Podsiedlik
aka Shark Investors.

Presenting investors with a prototype
Pitching an idea design for an all-in-one triathlon 

An up close look at the prototype
An up close look at a prototype.

Pitching their invention
Pitching an idea for an amazing pet brush.

Students pitch their invention
Investors listen intently to a pitch.

Investors listen to pitches
Investors take notes to decide if they want to invest
in the students' inventions.

Students being asked tough questions
Answering questions from the sharks can be
tough business.

Time to invest
Mrs. Newton counts out her investment funds. 

More inventions being pitched
Students pitch their ideas. Will they get the 
investment they were hoping for?

Watching intently
Mr. Herrick and Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Lisi were 
sharks during an investment proposal.

Students show their prototype
Students show a scaled version of their product.

The investors thinking hard
Mrs. Lisi, Mrs. Murphy, and Mr. Herrick have a tough
decision whether they want to invest. 





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