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Teachers Turn to Technology to Gap the Bridge in Social Distancing

Teachers all over the nation had to change their instructional delivery method within moments when schools were closed, but we are so proud of our Tully teachers who took the task to heart. From face-to-face instruction to web casts, Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, Google Meets, and other platforms, teachers have shown their technologically innovative selves to bridge the gap of social distancing. Elementary teachers have read stories on line, live streamed their lessons and math explanations, recorded their vocabulary words, and held interactive Zoom meetings. JSHS teachers have helped students with foreign language pronunciation through Zoom, given virtual labs, utilized several teaching platforms, and have continued projects by being available to students at many times throughout each day. To keep spirits up, an at-home spirit week and challenges such as lip syncs and meme creations have been created for students to participate in while engaged in their studies. Our teachers have went above and beyond to create a positive learning atmosphere from home and we couldn’t be prouder!

Working from home
Check out some of teachers working from home!