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Tully's Food Service Helps Keep Students Fulfilled

Tully CSD has strived to keep education and mental health a priority during unsure times, but they have also fulfilled other needs such as delivering healthy meals to students who need them. Tully’s food service team has prepared approximately 190 breakfasts and hot lunches to deliver each weekday. Mr. Kennedy, Tully’s food service manager, says his staff is phenomenal, “They all wanted to continue working and were glad to still be able to feed the students.” Some of the staff even got to make a few of the delivery runs and see the students. Mr. Kennedy explains that the change of process from feeding student in-house to at home was a substantial one, “We took the core of our operation and did a 180.” With two days to coordinate transportation, plan meals, and let the community know about their endeavors, the food service team became an efficient “Tully Grubhub.” The food service team worked closely with the transportation department, sharing a master delivery sheet to make sure all Tully students were taken care of. Tully is proud of their food service team, as they have worked so very hard to keep the students fulfilled!

Food service preparation
Food service working hard to prepare
food for Tully students.

Food preparation
Hot lunches being prepared.

Food service loading the buses
The food service team loaded the buses for delivery.

Coordinating meal delivery
Mr. Bailey helping to coordinate delivery.

Delivering meals to Tully students
Making sure everything is ready for delivery.