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Tully Transportation Delivers

With the turn of events in the spring, Tully’s transportation department took the task of delivering needed supplies and food to our students. There were many factors when deciding how to deliver but the primary focus was how to do it safely and efficiently. Protocols were set in place for food delivery, school work delivery, and later on, school work pick up. All contract drivers pitched in to help in the effort, proud of the job they do for the district. Mr. Bailey, bus dispatcher, believes that Tully has “a tremendous crew of friendly, conscientious, and safe drivers.” When designing the routes to deliver meals and school work, they tried to match parts of the normal routes so the drivers were not only familiar with the route themselves, but so the drivers could potentially see their bus kids at some point. After each run, the buses were disinfected. The transportation department is now looking ahead to what summer and the reopening of school might look like. Whatever that may be, they are ready for the task that lies ahead!

Transportation delivers
Transportation loads the buses to deliver needed
supplies and food to Tully students. 

Transportation delivery
Loading buses for daily delivery run.