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Pre-K Bubble Parade

During the last week of school via distance learning, the Pre-K Team paraded around the four corners of Tully and almost everywhere in-between to give the Pre-K students a Bubble Bye-Bye Parade. We drove to the homes of all the Pre-K Students and watched them pop bubbles as a way of saying, "Goodbye Pre-K! Hello Kindergarten!" Mrs. Hendricks, Miss Ward, Mrs. Breitzka, Mrs. Litz, and Mr. Kuty were so thrilled to see each smiling Pre-K student’s face! While this year was unlike any other given the unique circumstances, especially for the youngest and newest students, the Pre-K Team was excited to have the opportunity to see the students and wish them a happy summer! A special “Thank you!” to the grown-ups that kept this a surprise from the kids and for all their help during the past few months.




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