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Food Bank of CNY Giveaway at Tully JSHS

Food banks all across NY have been doing milk, produce, and meat giveaways to those in need. Recently, Tully JSHS was a site for one of these giveaways, seeing approximately 600 cars. Cars began lining up at 11:00 a.m. even though the event didn't start until 3:00 p.m. By 4:14 p.m., only milk was left. Each car was given two gallons of milk, a 22-lb box of produce that consisted of potatoes, onions, apples, oranges, carrots, brocolli, and salad, among other items, and a 10-lb box of meat, which was diced chicken. Other sites in the immediate area were set up in Lafayette and Otisco. The giveaway was made available by the Food Bank of CNY. Tully Rotary and Tully Central School District administrators and staff volunteered to set up, distribute, and guide the traffic flow through the parking lot. Many thanks to those who volunteered and donated to make this event successful in helping to feed the community of Tully!

Food giveawayfood giveaway
Volunteers help place milk, meat, and produce in cars at the Tully JSHS site.

Car line up for food giveawayHelping place food in cars
Refrigerated trucks brought in milk, meat, and produce to giveaway on the 
Tully JSHS campus. 

Volunteer at the food giveaway
Halee Beebe volunteered to help to distribute the 
food giveaway.

Rotary volunteer
Denise Cardamone with the Tully Rotary
volunteered to help distribute the food

Rotary volunteer
Mary Ann Murphy with the Tully Rotary 
volunteered to help distribute at the food

Cars line the parking lot
The food giveaway line wrapped around the parent
pickup line and wound around the staff/student 
parking lot. 

Car line at food giveaway
Cars wound around the parking lot of Tully JSHS
for the food giveaway.

Produce given away
Produce given at food giveaway.