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Thank You, Tully Community!

What an amazing community we live in! We are so proud here at Tully CSD to see such a gathering of support in which we live! The consensus all over the world was that students of all ages had a rough year and missed out on so many events including field trips, dances, and award ceremonies; but here in our community, the support that we saw built up our children and made them feel loved. From signs and banners to colored lights at night, the Tully community rallied together to make this year memorable to all of our students. We spotted words of encouragement for all Tully students at countless churches and places of business. Red light bulbs were free at Bloomin’ Cup to light the night red in solidarity of our seniors and banners were spotted high in the sky and near the roadways supporting the Class of 2020. In addition, a Facebook page titled “Adopt a Tully Senior” was created by Colleen Eagan to help senior students understand they were not alone, which was a major success all thanks to our community. Without our community and its support, our school district would not be as successful as it is. Tully CSD wants to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every community member for their support, especially now during such uncertain times. Thank you, Tully Community!
*Main picture courtesy of Colleen Eagan.

Fire Station
Tully's Fire Station Displays Congratulations.