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JSHS Conference Room Unveiled

Mrs. Mulondo’s and Mrs. Rossman’s 2020 Humanities class got started on a project in the spring semester, painting and decorating one of the JSHS conference rooms, and it has been unveiled! This task was tied into a lesson on budgeting with Mrs. Murphy teaching the students how to keep a ledger. Students had to design, confer with others, budget, and present their ideas before a final design was approved. The walls were freshly painted, a red stripe was placed along the ceiling, the base trim was replaced, and even the bulletin boards received a fresh coat. Students also worked with the FFA teacher in the greenhouse to grow plants especially for the room. At the head of the room, clocks display the time for San Francisco, New York, Calcutta, and Tokyo, which were donated by Lew VanWagenen. Displayed throughout the room is nature-themed student artwork, which will be rotated out each year. The conference room is very inviting and we hope that everyone who uses it will enjoy it!

Look at some of the artwork displayed in the conference room below.