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Guest Speakers Help Make Connections

Throughout October and November, the 7th grade Flex classes have been making connections with a historical event through guest speakers. While reading Towers Falling, a book about 9/11, staff have been sharing their personal experiences with students. Some speakers brought pictures, played songs, or played videos, while others read excerpts from the book and spoke about their recollections. For example, Mr. Russell played the song, "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning," Mrs. Newton brought pictures of what NYC was like a few weeks after, and Mr. Herrick displayed pictures and told stories about the clean-up process. Mrs. Bovi and Mrs. Sterritt created this unit because it is a historic event that they themselves had a recollection of, but noticed with each passing year, younger students seem to know less and less about. Bovi and Sterritt tried to make connections with what students are going through now because of the pandemic compared to what life was like post 9/11. Sterritt commented, “We thought it was important for them to know what happened so that negative aspects of history don't repeat, as well as to show them how much our nation came together after the attacks. We are seeing this same type of unity in our nation now during the pandemic, so it's an interesting parallel.” With next year being the 20th anniversary, the teachers are sure there will be more memorial events happening and they are hoping the unit of study will hopefully lay the groundwork so students understand better the events and effects of 9/11. Mr. Herrick made a good point in his presentation that when the adults that experienced this time are no longer around, we still need our stories of 9/11 to be passed on, and these junior high students are the generation to do that. They will have our firsthand knowledge to share in the future. Special thanks to all the guest speakers that helped bring this unit to life!

Guest speakerGuest SpeakerGuest SpeakerGuest Speaker
Mr. Nabinger, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Rossman, and Mr. Herrick share their experiences of 9/11 and read to the 7th grade Flex classes. 

Guest SpeakerGuest SpeakerGuest SpeakerGuest speaker
Mrs. Abrams, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Tucker, and Mr. Hughes share their experiences of 9/11 and read to the 7th grade Flex classes.