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Students Get Creative with Alpaca Wool

The Creative Crafts Studio Class taught by Ms.Gazdik definitely got creative this past week! Students used alpaca wool donated from Suzanne Drumm's Bentwood Farm to create felted tote bags. Students utilized the felting process of agitating the wool after they had chosen their colors to dye the alpaca wool themselves. Felting is by definition, "The process of creating a textile for functional and artistic use by matting, agitating, condensing, and pressing wool fibers together.” Wool is fire retardant and self-extinguishing, it is very hydro-absorbent, and can dampen vibration and absorb sound. Its purposes are endless and beautiful! Great work to Maria Altman, Hannah Brenchley, Catherine DeJosia, Lila Greczyn, Ella Hall, Sarah Kuty, Samantha Garback, and Brynn Patrick for getting creative!

Preparing alpaca wool for dyeing
Students prepare alpaca wool to dye.

Alpaca wool being dyed
Alpaca wool in it's dyeing process.

Colorful alpaca wool
Beautiful colors of dyed alpaca wool.

A woven alpaca wool purse
An alpaca wool student creation.