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6th Graders Find It!

The Find It! game has been around for a while and in all that time, it has baffled many. If you don’t know of it, it is the game that is tube shaped with lots of beads and hidden objects in it. The point of the game is to shake the tube and find all the hidden objects. The number one question that people ask of this game is, is there really a penny in the tube? The Find It! company stresses that there really is a penny in every Find It! game sold – it’s just hard to find. Because of the weight of the penny, it is often hidden in the middle of all the beads, making it difficult to find; however, if you are patient and strategic enough to find the penny, you can be put on their website among the other lucky winners, certificate and all. That is exactly what a few determined students decided to do in Mr. Meixell’s and Mrs. Reinhard’s class in their free time. They were among only two others to find the ever-elusive penny in the last year! You can see them on the Find It! Wall of Fame at, and if you have a Find It! game, do you have the skills to find it?