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Tully Technology: Virtual Shark Tank

Mr. Paccia has been conducting his very own Tully Technology Shark Tank for several years and this year was no exception. The 7th grade inventors pitched their ideas virtually to the sharks, hoping to get them to invest in their product. Students not only created a product; they had to do research, development, and marketing as part of the project. Once in the Virtual Shark Tank, students presented their product with a Power Point presentation and a prototype. The sharks were a tough sell, holding the presenters to task with grilling questions about production costs, employees and employee pay, market competition, factory leasing costs, and potential profit margins. Many never-before-seen products were presented such as a wooden ice scraper, a water-collecting stackable shoe rack, a GPS sensory sports helmet and goggles for the blind, a trackable golf ball, and a hand sanitizer/soap saver, among others. When the waters settled after the fun and high-stakes frenzy, many young inventors learned about the ins-and-outs of the manufacturing world and the sharks that lurk within it. A special thanks goes out to all the sharks who dared to swim in the virtual water!

students win over shark tank
Julian Shay and Sean Mize seal a deal with a 
shark for their wooden ice scraper.

student gets money in the shark tank
Dailynn Schaal corners the sharks to invest in
her water-collecting stackable shoe rack.