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Mardi Gras Madness

The Spanish and French National Honor Society and LOTE classes kicked off the traditional celebration of Mardi Gras this week with beads, a fun Mardi Gras themed selfie wall, and some New Orleans favorites in the cafeteria – jambalaya and king cake (thanks to the cafeteria personnel)! In their free time, students and teachers alike headed down to the science and language wing to use themed props to take pictures in style. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras, yellow, purple, and green, were strewn about in the LOTE classes and outside their doors. In addition, Mrs. Yonta held a virtual cooking class for the Junior High International students to learn how to make crepes, a thin French pancake, which is a popular treat during Mardi Gras. What a fun way to add a little celebration before the mid-winter break!

Mardi Grad decorationsHall decorated with Mardi Gras colorsProps helped students participate in Mardi Gras
Decorations and Mardi Gras props filled the science and language wing to celebrate the fun-filled holiday. 

Teachers in Mardi Gras apparel for the selfie wall                
              7th Grade Team                                             Special Area Teachers