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P2 Mural: A Dedication to Mrs. Murphy

The JH and SH Art Clubs have been working on something special for the school, which was unveiled recently. These students created canvas art to help portray each P2 character trait. Twenty-three of the traits (Teamwork/Citizenship, Bravery, Gratitude, Humility/Modesty, Appreciation of Excellence & Beauty, Self-Control, Perseverance, Hope/Optimism, Prudence, Love, Integrity, Forgiveness, Zest/Enthusiasm, Social Intelligence, Humor, Love of Learning, Connection/Purpose, Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Kindness, Fairness, Perspective, and Creativity) were all depicted how the student who painted them envisioned it. Leadership, the 24th trait, was painted by senior Tiernan Tobin and was placed last around the P2 banner, completing the mural. This was an homage to Mrs. Murphy as she is retiring after 33 years at Tully, 12 of them as principal. The mural around the P2 sign adds a unique and colorful touch to the JSHS halls, which the staff appreciate!

P2 Mural
The P2 Mural was finished and the Leadership
canvas was dedicated to Mrs. Murphy.