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TES Students Perform Well at NYSSMA

Thirteen band students and seven chorus students participated in NYSSMA this year at the elementary level. All students will have the chance to move on to a harder level next year or choose a more advanced piece of music at the same level. This year, these students recorded their solo performance and uploaded a video for scoring. All NYSSMA students receive an Outstanding, Excellent, or Comments Only score. All chorus students received Outstanding ratings with a score of 27 or 28 (28 is the highest score available). Six band students also received an Outstanding rating while six others received an Excellent rating. All students who participated did an amazing job. We have lots of musical talent on our campus!
Band students who participated in NYSSMA
Emily Hall (6) Flute
Nathaniel Houghton (6) Clarinet
Nicholas Houghton (6) Alto Saxophone
Shawna Gottstein (6) Alto Saxophone
Colton Walkup (6) Alto Saxophone
Aislyn Patrick (6) Clarinet
Alexandra Dickson (5) Trumpet
Lennon Shaw (5) Trumpet
Sophia Simmons (5) Snare Drum
Charleigh Mossow (5) Alto Saxophone
Thomas Quinlan (5) Trombone
Evangeline Votra (5) French Horn
Tyler Wood (5) Trumpet
Chorus students who participated in NYSSMA
Vanessa Altman (6)
Addison Brown (6)
Andie Fairchild (6)
Nathaniel Houghton (6)
Melody Santos (6)
Lincoln Tranquill (6)
Evangeline Votra (5)