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A Starry Night for Prom

Prom has always been a time to cherish for those attending, but this year, it truly was. The seniors did not get to enjoy a prom their junior year, so having this event was considered a special occasion for many. Beforehand, all Tully prom attendees sat in on an assembly that the Teen Institute helped to provide. Local guest speaker, Marianne Angelillo, spoke on the importance of not drinking and driving, sharing her story, Sharing My Stones. Students then signed pledges to stay sober that night. Some of our TES students also helped remind the older students to have fun without alcohol with hand-drawn pictures. Prom was held at Arlington Acres from 6 – 10 p.m. where students could see the sun set through the open barn doors. Students in sparkling gowns and tuxes of all colors could be seen enjoying each other’s company. The student body nominated Carly Bastedo as Prom Queen and Cameron Fish as Prom King. Students danced the night away under a brilliant starry night, which just happened to be the theme this year. Special thanks to the administration and staff that helped make this special moment a reality!

prom assemblyprom assembly
Marianne Angelillo speaks to the prom attendees about the ramifications of 
drinking and driving.

be safe drawingbe safe drawingbe safe drawing
TES students draw pictures to remind prom attendees to have fun and be safe. 

prom is set upa wonderful view at promprom is set up
Set up and ready to host prom at Arlington Acres.

dancing at promdancing at promdancing at promdancing at prom
Students enjoyed visiting and dancing with one another at prom. 

group picture at promgroup picture at promgroup picture at prom
Lots of smiles at prom!

students visitingstudents visitingstudents visiting
Students visit with one another before the prom court is anounced. 

senior prom king and queenjunior prom king and queen
Senior Prom King and Queen/Junior Prom King and Queen.

junior prom courtjunior prom courtjunior prom courtjunior prom court
Junior Prom Court.