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Science in Action

The science classes at the JSHS have been in full swing right from the beginning, helping students see science in action. Mrs. Tucker’s classes, both the seventh grade and seniors, didn’t waste any time jumping into the experiment portion of class. Seventh graders got together in groups to grow plants, but not just any ordinary plants. Students had to choose a liquid besides water to grow their plants: caffeinated products, energy drinks, green tea with/out sugar, lemonade, etc. In addition, they had to decide how much to “water” their plant. Each group was given a control plant that would take the same amount of water each day as their experimental plant with the other liquid. Then they compared their plants. What a neat experiment watching plants thrive (or not) under different conditions! The seniors worked with owl pellets, dissecting them to identify what owls eat and how their food is digested. Some found enough bones to form a rodent skeleton such as a shrew, mouse, or mole. If they found a skull, they tried to identify which one it was. Others found intact feathers of a smaller bird. No matter what they found, they were intrigued at this science in action!

pant experimentplant experimentplant experiment
7th graders "water" their plants with other liquids.

plant experimentplant experiment
7th graders "water" their plants with other liquids. Some plants grow well, others don't.

dissecting owl pelletsdissecting owl pelletsdissecting owl pellets
Seniors dissect owl pellets to see what they can find. 

dissecting owl pelletsbones found in owl pellets
Some seniors find enough bones in their owl pellet to recreate the owl's prey.