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Holidays Around the World

Several teachers at the JSHS took advantage of the holiday season to have students learn about other cultural holidays and traditions. Mrs. Sterritt’s 7th grade English classes got to choose a country in which they wanted to learn more about and recreate a holiday recipe, make a craft representing a tradition, or sing a traditional song. In addition, they researched other aspects of the culture. Did you know that in the United Kingdom and Ireland they wish others a “Happy Christmas?” The Spanish classes got in on learning about other cultural traditions as well. Both Mrs. Abrams and Mrs. Dubos taught the Spanish students about the odd tradition of the Caga Tió. In Catalonia, Spain, people go to the market and choose a festive log, dress it up, and feed it food scraps. The log then gives gifts of candy. Students compared this tradition to their own and found it quite interesting. Whatever the tradition, students enjoyed learning about holidays around the world.

English presentationsEnglish presentations
English students present about other cultural holidays.

Spanish classSpanish class
Spanish students learn about Caga Tió.