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Two Students, Several Medals

Academic Decathlon isn’t for the faint of heart. It is tough and rigorous, requiring preparation, determination, and an ample amount of knowledge. This year, only two students took on this task, each competing in the State Championship in March. Tatyana Klochko competed in the Honors division, the toughest level of Academic Decathlon, but this did not stop her from scoring big. She won five medals in all! Tatyana took home a gold medal each in Art and Social Science, a silver medal in Literature, and a bronze medal in both Music and Science. Kellen McCasland competed in the Scholastic division, raking in six medals. Kellen won a gold medal each in Social Science, Math, and Economics, and silver medals in Art, Science, and Literature. In addition, he was the highest scorer in all three divisions of Economics this year! Congratulations to both of these students for excelling in their academic knowledge!