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Team Steve Harvey Wins Trivia Night

Food, fun, and a little bit of fortune make up an interesting night for those willing to try their luck at being the Student Council’s Trivia Night winners. Teams worked together to answer each trivia question. In between rounds, each team sent one teammate up to the candy quiz table to answer a bonus question. With Mr. Locke taking on the role of game show host, Ben Cooter, Robyn Drzewicki, Megan Wilson, and T.J. Lyng gave other participants a run for their money. Named Team Steve Harvey, they took home the grand prize after being the only team to get the final question correct. Congratulations!

Mr. Locke plays game show hostjudgescandy quiz
Teachers helped make Trivia Night a success. 

funky fouralgebraic equationthe underdogs
Teams had a moment to discuss what their answer would be. 

fillet o fishthe coventhe fab 5
Pizza, drinks, and candy were provided to the teams. 

jeopardy rejectsthes dumbs blondesteam steve harvey
Fueling up so teams could do their best. 

the quandale dinglerse = m c hammer
Discussion was intense but at times funny.

judging timejudging time
Students help pick up each teams' answers for judging.