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Small Detectives, Big Reward

Some first grade students were in for a treat on St. Patrick’s Day. They came to class donned in green not knowing what to expect. Leprechaun traps were set but no leprechauns were found. Instead, a message from a fast leprechaun was on the board giving students an opportunity to find him. Mrs. Beebe and her class took to scavenging the halls with clues of where the pesky leprechaun had been. Students didn’t find a leprechaun, even with their exemplar deductive reasoning skills, but instead found a sweet treat in his wake – a small fortune of chocolate gold coins for the students to enjoy. What a fun activity!

leprechaun letterreading the letter
Students find a note from a leprechaun.

searching for leprechaunsgold
After scavenging the halls, they found gold!

Having fun with their find!