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Community Service Abound

This year has been like no other, but students have not been afraid to jump right back into the hubbub of school and all the activities it offers. On top of being academically challenged, students have taken on the challenge of helping others in their spare time. Many clubs, classes, and organizations have mixed in community service to their plans, in which the students have whole-heartedly embraced. The National Junior Honor Society members used money in their budget to purchase everyday necessities to put together 40 bags to donate to In My Father’s Kitchen, which in turn will hand out to those in need. The bags consisted of items such as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, socks, tissues, and other hygiene products. The Class of 2023 held a diaper drive in which more than 1000 diapers were donated to the local Peace, Inc. for distribution in our community, along with several packages of wipes. The best part about this is that people who come in for diapers will be given information about other resources offered to our community. The SH International Club conducted their annual shoe drive to donate gently used shoes to Soles4Souls. Boots, tennis shoes, and dress shoes were among those collected. The club collected close to thirty pairs, some in the original boxes! The JH and SH Student Council combined efforts to host a “Pay to Play Hat Day.” Students paid $1.00 to wear their hat all day, and some got creative with what they decided to wear. Not only were ball caps and beanies worn, but sun hats, helmets, wraps, trapper hats, and fishing caps, among others. All proceeds were donated to the International Red Cross to help with relief efforts of today’s current events. We are so very proud of our students and staff who work tirelessly to care for their community and others!

creating bags for homelesscreating bags for homelesscreating bags for homeless
NJHS prepare bags of toiletries for people in need. 

creating bags for homelesscreating bags for homelessproducts for the bags
Bags included soap, deodorant, toothpaste, socks, and other hygiene products.

40 bags of necessities
Forty bags were made.

diapers donated to the diaper drive
Over 1000 diapers were collected by the Class of 2023.

shoes donated to the shoe drive
SH International Club collected shoes for Soles4Souls.

hat dayhat daypay to play hat day
Proceeds from the Pay to Play Hat Day were donated from the JH and SH Student Council.

pay to play hat day
All types of hats were worn.