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Reflex Math
Dance Mat Typing

 Resource                            Web Address
Literactive User Name Password
More Starfall none none
Pebble Go check w/teacher
Enchanted Learning check w/teacher
BrainPOP, Jr. check w/teacher
Brain POP check w/teacher
KidsInfoBits check w/teacher
Grolier Online check w/teacher



Magician Game
Flash Cards

Rader's Network of Science and Math Sites

Cosmos for Kids
Biology for Kids
Chemistry for Kids
Geography for Kids
Physics for Kids
Number Nut!

3rd Grade New Years Celebrations Around the World

Countries  Web Resource
Italy, Mexico
Brazil (photo), Philippines, Spain
China, Italy (Rome)
Many countries!


3rd Grade Continents and Oceans Activities

Continents ONLY
Continents and Oceans (4 levels)

The Water Cycle!

Ellis Island
BBC: Earth, Sun and Moon


St. Paddy's Day Money Practice!
Primary Practice: Counting Money
To access McGraw-Hill ConnectEd, click on the link below:
To create a LearnZillion Account, click on the link below:
4th Grade  Build Your Own Circuit

Fourth Grade Equivalent Fraction Practice 
Equivalent Fractions
Fractions, Decimals and  Percents
Escape from Fraction Manor

Fourth Grade Math Concept Review Activities

Factors and Multiples / Legend of Dick and Dom
Algebra / Function Machine
Place Value / Pirates
Calculating Area and Perimeter / Zoo Designer
Carrot Crazy
Countries Web Resource
Italy, Mexico
Brazil (photo), Philippines, Spain
China, Italy (Rome)
Many countries!
2nd Grade
Click here to practice with the Adding Machine
Clean up the Grammar on the Beach!
Blast the Rocket @ Starship ~ See Terra Firma
 Sequencing Practice~1


Grades K-8

PastTense Practice Rocket


5th grade Tech Class Rocket Links
 Click here to go to BrainPOP.  You will watch two movies, "Newton's Laws of Motion," and "Flight." 

Rocket Launch:  Practicing Thrust & Angle Settings





 Scholastic Community Helpers






Check out these:
Scholastic:  States of Matter
Scholastic:  Water Cycle


The Vikings
A PBS Nova presentation
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

AAA Adverbs and Adjectives

The Wooly Mammoth
Build a Snowflake in a Cloud
Snowflake Maker

Possessive Nouns Quiz

Give these links a try:



Logic Games 

Cell Structure Microscope

Bike Safety



Goods and Services

Let's Read Nursery Rhymes

 and Fairy Tales



Practice Measuring Area/Perimeter


 Practicing Plural (s?) (es?) (ies?)


     We use the internet daily, making good use of the many free sites that offer educational activities to reinforce many of the skills being taught in the classroom.  Naturally, we use the internet for research projects and quite often use the ever popular Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) to create a finished product.  As of the 2015-16 school year we've added the use of Google Classroom for our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students, making collaboration between students and teachers more efficient and productive.

Our students in grades two through six use the software "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" to learn the touch typing method.  From the first lesson that introduces home row through lessons offered via dictation, the children use keyboard shields that prohibit them from peeking at the keys!  It isn't easy at first, but we've sent several 6th graders to the Junior High typing over 30 words per minute!





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