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Special Education

For information regarding special education services for your child ages 3 - 21, please contact:

Debora M. Cox
Director Of Special Education
Tully Central Schools
phone - (315) 696-6221
fax - (315) 696-6207
email - dcox@tullyschools.org

Special Education Resources

New York State Education Department
"Guidebook for the Applicant with a disability" from the State University of New York
Transition information for juniors and seniors
Books on CD
R.E.S.A. for Autism Families, Inc.
Resources for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Important Special Education Information

Eye exams important for school success
Board of Education presentation Dec. 2008
Responding to the Need of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders powerpoint presentation
Last updated on 11/4/2010