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School Alliance for Continuous Improvement (SACI)


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What is SACI?


SACI is an alliance of rural and urban school districts who participate voluntarily in order to improve their educational delivery system and the academic performance of their students. SACI provides a blueprint and support which follows a total quality approach based upon six independent indicators:

  • A leadership system
  • Student achievement data linked to instructional delivery
  • Curriculum linked to standards and student achievement
  • Professional and organizational development linked to student performance
  • Managing and communicating data to support systemic improvement
  • Technology for teaching and learning

The Tully Central School District became involved in the SACI process in the Spring of 2007. A team of 7-9 educators from the district participates in a reflective self-study of a specific area of our school district as a training exercise under the leadership of experienced SACI trained educators from other school districts.

In addition, after training, our team members join other teams throughout the state to participate in the evaluation of programs in those districts leading to accreditation in various areas. At the same time these local educators will return with ideas and best practices they have viewed in other schools for consideration within the Tully district.

Training evaluation reports for Tully will be posted on this website. Reports for other districts and more information about the SACI program are found at the link on this page.

SACI Program Announcements
The 2009-2010 SACI Training Schedule will be posted here when it is finalized.

Links Related to the SACI Program

Tully SACI Documents (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)