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Applied Earth Science with Ms. Kirk

Welcome Back !!
This course is designed for students to learn major concepts of the EARTH SCIENCES.
Students will have HW Assignments, Notebook Quizzes, Lab Reports, and Unit Tests.
Below, you will find important information regarding these categories.

Homework          -  10% of your grade...
                           - most assignments will be on Castle Learning www.castlelearning.com

Notebook Quizzes  - 20% of your grade...
                               - will almost always be on THURSDAYS. 
                               - study your notes DAILY!   
                               - Unit Notes are available upon request

Lab Reports          - 30% of your grade...
                              - Lab reports are all done in class 

Unit Tests             - 40% of your grade...
                             - based on Unit notes, quizzes, and Lab work

All of your HW assignments, Notebook Quizzes, Labs, and Test dates can also be found on the Progress Book website available at the following link: http://progressbook.cnyric.org/parentaccess/General/HomePage

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Last updated on 9/10/2014
Homework Assgn, Quiz Dates, & Test Dates
Unit Notes & Labs