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Common Core Learning Standards

Some links that might be useful from our Common Core Learning Standards presentation March 5th 2012

Here is the link to the Common Core Learning Standards.

Power Point presentation by Renee Burnett
Six Instructional Shifts ELA Tully.pptx

Link to Appendix A:

Link to Appendix B:


Common Core Standards Training

Day One

Tully handout day one.pdf
Unwrapping Template.pdf
Six Instructional Shifts ELA Tully.pptx

Day Two
Levels of Cognition-Rigor handout.pdf
Six Instructional Shifts ELA Tully.pptx

Day Three
Tully Assessment Handouts.docx
tully day three.pptx

Day Four
Checklist for Tully Unit Design.docx
Samples of Unit or Lesson Planning Templates.pdf
SED Checklist for Units and Lessons.pdf
Tully Central Schools day 4.pptx

Day Five
Tully Central Schools day 5.pptx

Backward Planning Unit design Template




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